Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Lady Gaga's Meat Dress

Hahaha.  So here she goes again!  After the VMA Awards where GAGA was seen wearing this meat dress, a lot of controversies came up after.

Like, what if the maggots have already released eggs during the design process of the piece. PETA was also concerned about this.

Here are some of the questions which bothered me at first:
1.  Is the meat for real?  Yes, this I've read from other blogs
2.  Is it beef or pork?  which part?  Definitely not the ribs as there is no bone.
3.  Is the porkfat slimy?
4.  How did they make sure there was no dripping during the event?

In the next few days, we will definitely find out more from designer, Franc Fernandez.

Is Franc Fernandez really a designer?  Yup.  He is more of an avante garde designer for catchy pieces such as these:

headpiece of Christina Aguilera for OUT Magazine

Another piece of his work.


Looks like he is GAGA's favorite as he also helped her in Lady Gaga's Bad Romance and Telephone outfits.  Check here.

Maybe they just love steak so much.  What' next for GAGA?  Can't wait.


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  1. I saw this on Ellen when she guested on the show and i also had the same questions -- can't believe they are real meat! :)