Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Pentax Nano Block Camera

The Pentax Nano Block Camera

Pentax has finally collaborated with Nano Blocks (Japenese Lego). I would love to have this.  I personally like the white one.
Check out more from:  HERE


Thursday, September 16, 2010

More Celebs Spotted in Jean & Rosz

Kaye Abad wearing Jean & Rosz  resin bangle and cocktail ring.

Yeng Constantino in Music Uplate wearing Jean & Rosz sunburst.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Lipstick Jungle

For someone who's never into make-up, I would think that I am currently in lipstick Jungle.  Let me tell you more about my recent addiction.  My article for today will talk about my favorite shades of lipsticks!

Here's my lipstick story.  It all started when I met  herself last Christmas season when we got together for a bazaar and she started tellin' me bout new make-up technology and new products.  I got quite interested and since Jean has always been a lipstick addict, she made me try her MAC Russian Red. I couldn't take it.  I felt like all eyes were always on me.  But then I started looking for a nice hot pink shade and finally found NARS Schiap.  My first official lipstick.

And then followed by a lighter pink shade so I got MAC's Pink Nouveau.  I got obsessed with pink lippies which made me purchase more and more.  I was looking for a neon pink shade with unnoticeable hint of purple and sooo after various pink lipsticks, I found YSL Rose Bonbon Candy Pink.

YSL ROSE Candy Bonbon 135

After series of pinks.  I started to develop a love for even brighter shades. My sister got me MAC's Ruby Woo (matte deep red) and thought that though i love it too... I couldn't wear it everyday as it dries up my lips.  I then stumbled upon Chanel Rouge Coco Gabrielle, and fell in love with it.  After which i started to look for Chanel Coco Rouge Cambon, but i realized that it is not sold in the Philippines.  Though more expensive, I finally got a hold of it in Australia.  But when I got to Manila, I realized that the Chanel Excessive Shade has always been the red that I was looking for and so i traded my Cambon with Jean's Excessive shade.

Chanel Rouge Coco Gabrielle

MAC Ruby Woo

Chanel Rouge Allure Excessive
my current favorite!
the creamy bold red

I am also using MAC's Girl About Town.  Darkened bright fuschia pink in cream.

When I don't want to wear anything, i wear Tarte's berry boost gloss.

I wonder when this will end?  Nevertheless, with all these lipsticks, i pair it with my favorite Jean & Rosz piece

This black charm necklace priced at Php550.00 from Jean & Rosz  is perfect to bring out the color in you!


Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Lady Gaga's Meat Dress

Hahaha.  So here she goes again!  After the VMA Awards where GAGA was seen wearing this meat dress, a lot of controversies came up after.

Like, what if the maggots have already released eggs during the design process of the piece. PETA was also concerned about this.

Here are some of the questions which bothered me at first:
1.  Is the meat for real?  Yes, this I've read from other blogs
2.  Is it beef or pork?  which part?  Definitely not the ribs as there is no bone.
3.  Is the porkfat slimy?
4.  How did they make sure there was no dripping during the event?

In the next few days, we will definitely find out more from designer, Franc Fernandez.

Is Franc Fernandez really a designer?  Yup.  He is more of an avante garde designer for catchy pieces such as these:

headpiece of Christina Aguilera for OUT Magazine

Another piece of his work.


Looks like he is GAGA's favorite as he also helped her in Lady Gaga's Bad Romance and Telephone outfits.  Check here.

Maybe they just love steak so much.  What' next for GAGA?  Can't wait.


Thursday, September 9, 2010

Aussie Bondi

Hi I'm back from my recent trip from the down under and despite the cold, i didn't miss BONDI beach.  Though we didn't get to sunbathe, I totally enjoyed the cool beach breeze, powdery sand and quick sightseeing.  My BONDI experience is totally not comparable to Boracay (our beloved local beach).  I would describe BONDI as a more cosmpolitan, pop-cultured beach.  With the shops around, modern sand bar and really really interesting surfers, joggers and aussie beach hags, these are what makes it a must-visit beach.

happy bondi:

Check out this dude braving the cold in trunks.

dinner and drinks at world famous Hurricane Bar and Grill.

  to die for bbq pork ribs

I also found this Chanel surfboard in the Chanel store in Westfield Mall Bondi Junction

I wonder how much the surfboard costs.  Surf in style.

and this too....

But it is amazing how Chanel has its own BONDI line of make-up:

Exclusive only to Australia, I found this limited edition BONDI line also at Westfield Bondi Junction perfect with the natural golden tones of Bondi Beach to impart a sun-kissed glow.

It was my first time Down Under but i would love to go back soon!


Friday, September 3, 2010

Spa Time

I love going to spas and having my usual body scrub and massage combo :) It's a perfect "pamper-me" time especially after a very stressful week. If i want to indulge i usually go to The Spa, Blue Water Day Spa or Neo Spa. After working out, Fitness First Spa's sports massage is perfect. And for weekly foot massage Ton-Ton's is a good affordable choice.

I was in Bangkok for vacation last June and of course i need to try their different spas, i think i alternately had foot massage and thai massage every night i was there hehe i need to make the most of my stay. All were good but one place stood out because not only was the massage good, the place looks good too! It was just walking distance from my hotel and too bad i tried it on our last day 'coz i would have had all my massages there every night! 

Chivit Chiva Massage & Spa
the entrance

the reception area

they also sell massage and aromatherapy oils

waiting area

hallway going to the rooms

I tried their thai massage and i loved it! My therapist got the right pressure that i want. It was super relaxing that i just want to sleep there :) I was too lazy to walk back to my hotel after! But the pampering does not stop after the massage, you can still relax at their lounge area. This is what's waiting for me there....
ginger tea

lounge area

Chivit Chiva
Sukhumvit 19
Bangkok, Thailand