Monday, June 21, 2010

What's your POPITS?

From the Crocs craze of putting character accessories to it and the the unlimited colors of the Havaianas flip flop collection, now comes POPITS.  When I first saw POPITS in the bazaar a few weeks ago, i thought it was just some new brand of flip flops with embellished charms.  But when I checked the site, I now fully understand how it works.

How does POPITS work?  

You buy any of their base products (hair clip, hat, flipflops) and accessorize it with gems/charms.  You can buy various gems/charms and interchange them in any of the base products.

Base Products:

And buy some charms:

 All charms can be interchanged in all POPITS products.  

Check out celebrities wearing the most popular product of POPITS,  the flip flops.

Selena Gomez in yellow.

Miley Cyrus in navy blue

Flip Flops start at USD 16.99, headband and pins range from USD 5-15, charms averaging from USD 3-15.  

I would think that since Crocs was able to capture the market of the toddlers and kids with the character add-on pieces,  now, teen girls have the option to accessorize their flip flops.  the blingy way.  With a bonus of using the charms as a headpiece or a hat accessory.

The good news is, POPITS is now sold in SHOPBOP Greenhills.  Flipflops start at Php920. Charms start at Php300

I feel too old wearing one but I would love to have this as gifts for my younger cousins!

what's your POPITS?

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