Tuesday, June 15, 2010

love for ties

 Father's day is coming up, and it is just timely to feature the ultimate symbol of dads. TIES.  Recently, 24 year old Matt Schmoldt from Utah, USA introduced us to TIEPEDIA.COM.  This website talks about anything about ties.  From the unique ways to tie a tie, features about having the tie as an accessory, tie trends, tie patterns, and other tie associated articles. He also has an online tie store which sells affordable ties.

 Here's MATT's video on how he does the FULL WINDSOR necktie. 

Matt teaches us 4 ways to tie a tie.  Check them out HERE.  Share them with your dads, husbands, boyfriends and even friends.

He recently also featured tie cakes which i found very interesting:  

See full story of the tie cakes HERE.

Now, what brought this young man with his passion for ties? Here's our short interview with MATT.

J&R:  What do you think brought your passion to "ties"?  How did it start?
Tiepedia:  I grew up in a home where every week we went to church and the church had a sunday dress code. I grew up from a very very early age wearing a necktie each week. My dad was the one who taught me how to tie a tie.

J&R:What do you think are the best brands of "ties":? 
Tiepedia: I tend to really like the Jones New York and Geoffrey Beene brands, they seem to be very classy and well priced. I don't believe in paying excessive prices for elitist brands of ties.

The tiepedia, Matt trying to find solution to an old necktie.  Burn the fuzzies

J&R:  I understand that you sell "ties"  where are you sources and what are your inspiration for your collections? 
Tiepedia: I tend to lean towards striped ties. I love striped ties and it doesn't really matter what kind of stripe. I also appreciate the modern design of clothes.

J&R:You wore a tie for 2 years, can you tell us more about the experience?  
Tiepedia:  Yes, I was a mormon missionary and I literally wore a tie for 2 years and 5 days straight - monday through sunday. We were missionary all the time without breaks, and I loved it! Because my wardrobe didn't change very often the necktie became the way to have fun and communicate.

J&R:  Traditionally, ties are worn in business activities, but where else can you wear these? 
Tipedia:  When you are meeting the parent's of your girlfriend :) Wherever you are comfortable wearing them and whenever you want to send a professional signal and feel classy about your look

To know more about Matt and the Tiepedia, visit www.tiepedia.com


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