Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Gin Blossoms in Manila

I'm a sucker for concerts especially those that bring me back to my time!  Hehe, great news is that Gin Blossoms might come to Manila anytime soon!

According to their Facebook Page, they are coming to Pacman's home country.  I am hoping though that the concert will not be in GenSan.

I am really really excited about this.  The dates have not been released yet but I am hoping that they sing the classics that I've had memories with.

1992 Hit, Hey Jelousy

Follow You Down
Not Only Numb
Till I Hear It From You
Found Out About You
and of course, As Long As It Matters

Their new album, No Chocolate Cake will be released this August 2, 2010!

No Chocolate Cake Tracks
  1. "Don't Change For Me"
  2. "I Don't Want To Lose You Now"
  3. "Miss Disarray"
  4. "Wave Bye Bye"
  5. "I'm Ready"
  6. "Somewhere Tonight"
  7. "Go Crybaby"
  8. "If You'll Be Mine"
  9. "Dead Or Alive On The 405"
  10. "Something Real"
  11. "Goin' To California"
Check out the latest Single, Miss Disarray

I loved Gin Blossoms since the 1990's but i think that their easy listening music has not yet been old to me. I am sooo looking forward to this concert!

For more news on Gin Blossoms band,  check out their Fan Page.

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