Saturday, June 12, 2010

Chocolate Madness

The past week was a very difficult week to resist.  I can't help looking forward to taking a bite...ok maybe a few bites of these wonderful, yummy goodies everyday. I swear I didn't eat all of them.  Having these chocolates as presents from Jean's trip from Singapore and my brother-in-law's trip from Hong Kong made me feel like I had a shopping spree myself.  Chocolate Madness!

Chocolates from around the world!

Le Chef Truffles
I am a fan of chocolate truffles. I liked its creaminess, however i felt that there was a cocoa after-taste residue.  Sure this truffle tasted really good but i like Lindor Truffles better.
Goldkenn Cappuccino Cream Stick
This cappuccino-cream filled chocolate stick is oozing with filling in every bite.  The yummy cappuccino kick may not be as bitter as expected, but i liked this a lot
Cote d Or Truffle
Cote d Or Milk Chocolate with Hazelnuts
I fell in love with Cote d Or after our trip from Belgium. This Truffle Bar is really really good!  I love the right amount of bitterness, the taste of the cocoa powder blended with the inner cream.  If you like Royce Chocolate truffle, this would be a good alternative.  
I have always been a fan of the Milk Chocolate with Hazelnuts variant.  The creamy milk chocolate is not too sweet and the generous amount of hazelnut bits just makes you want to eat more.  I love love love Cote d Or
Kit Kat Cherry Blossom Matcha Green Tea (Sakura Edition)
I've been wanting to try this Green Tea variant.  If you are a fan of white chocolates and would like to taste a twist to it, then this would be something you'd like.  The Matcha Green Tea taste is recognizable but i was hoping for it to be much stronger.  
Kit Kat Creme Brulee
White chocolate base, with buttery, caramel taste.  You wouldn't recognize that it's creme brulee till you actually see the pack.  Something really interesting to try.
 More KIT KATs
 Meiji Blueberry Chocolate
Meiji has always been known for the smoothness of its chocolate.  The creaminess of this bar did not fail me.  If you love raisins, you'd die for this.  The hints of blueberry provide a stronger after aroma as compared to the raisins.  I personally loved it!
Van Houten Chocolate Chips
I used this for baking chocolate chip cookies last week and the taste was satisfactory.  I prefer the traditional Hershey's semi-sweet chocolates better.

Muji Chocolate Biscuit
This is one great find for me.  I love how the crunch bits melt with the chocolate in your mouth. It does not taste like the old Milo bar but I am somehow reminded by it.  I liked this a lot and this will definitely be one of my musts from Muji.

Desobry Chocolate Biscuits
This group of chocolate biscuit goodies will make you feel giddy with excitement at first sight.  However, i can compare this with Marks & Spencer chocolate biscuits and i think the M&S takes better.

Next time you travel, make chocolates a  part of your must-buy.  I am not encouraging you to gain weight and be fat, but the experience is soooo worthit. Let us know more about unusual chocolates by sharing your experience.

Can you believe, i have all these, all at once? Thanks Jean and Boj!


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