Monday, May 24, 2010

What's in my playlist today?

Music is my life.  I travel miles and miles to see concerts.  Though i missed the Killers in Hong Kong and i still need to wait for John Mayer's concert this October.  Lately, there's really no theme for my music mix but thought i'd share them with you.

1.   Let Your Love Grow Tall- Passion Pit
2.   Poster of a Girl - Metric
3.   Gimme Sympathy- Metric
4.   I'm Not Calling You a Liar- Florence and the Machine
5.   Take a  Chance- The Magic Numbers
6.   Call You Out- Brandi Carlile
7.   Shark in the Water- VV Brown
8.   Hand Me Down Your Love- Hot Chip
9.   All We Ever Do Is Say Goodbye- John Mayer
10. Have I Been a Fool- Jack Penate
11. Notion- Kings of Leon
12. Sing for Absolution- Muse
13. Starlight- Muse
14. Empty Room- Marjorie Fair
15. Ashes and Wine- A Fine Frenzy
16. Swimming Pool- The Submarines 
17. This is a Love Song- Little Birdie
18. Conversation 16- The National
19.  Please Please Please Let Me Get What I Want- She & Him
20.  Be The One- The Ting Tings

I would love to see these bands play live too! 

I instantly fell in love with Metric, the first time i heard them.  if i were a rockstar, i'd probably sound like her haha.

Passion Pit
I wanted to go to California's Coachella just to see them.

The Magic Numbers
2 pairs of brothers and sisters, indie.  love them too.  they have cute music too.

I like the systhesizer/electronica/not-so-rock, not so punk sound of this trio.

The Ting Tings
When i first listened to the Ting Tings, I thought they were like 7.  But these duo make me go back to the 80's with their music.  happy thoughts.



  1. I love playlists! Pongy got me into The Magic Numbers - ang galing nila! And that song from 500 Days of Summer is love. :)

    Hope you're doing well Krisha! Punta kang office minsan! :)

  2. Thanks daene! i have another one coming up. enjoy! and yup, will visit the office soon :)