Monday, May 17, 2010

What Jean & Rosz did in Bukidnon

When Jean and I went to Cagayan de Oro to visit the Spruce team, we went to Bukidnon for a day to eat in Del Monte Farm's Clubhouse.  Having been there several times with friends, I had to let Jeanny taste their famous Steak and Roast Beef. Del Monte cow are fed with pineapples which makes the beef sweeter.  I'm glad the steak did not fail us and the bottomless freshly squeezed pineapple juice for only Php20.00 was a bonus

We also took photos of the golf grass and the view was beautiful.

After our stop in Del Monte, we headed to Dahilayan Bukidnon to check out the 840m Superman Zipline.  This is currently the longest zipline in asia.  Too bad, the line was sooo long we had to refund what we paid for.  We would only be accommodated after 7 hours. Zipline costs Php500.00. there are also options to upgrade into riding 3 ziplines, 240m, 320m, 840m for only Php600.00.  You just have to wait forever to ride all 3.  So if you plan to this when you visit Bukidnon, make sure you plan ahead and find a local to enlist for you ahead of time.

Since we didn't want to waste time, we looked around and realized that the famous fall-ball in Boracay was also available in Bukidnon for only Php500.00 per person per ride.  We didn't do it since we didn't want to have steak vomit in rented van for Php 2,500 per day.

Instead we discovered this botanical garden with a countryside feel.  The weather was cool and breezy.  Lucky for us, they serve brewed coffee for only Php60.00.  The experience was truly relaxing and the place was breathtaking.  The plants and flower beds kinda reminded me of the English Countryside in Europe.  It also a great viewing spot for those who were doing the zipline, and we could hear the scream of the kids from the fall-ball.  

On our back to CDO, we made sure we got a photo of the pineapple farm, as far as the eyes can see.  There weren't too many pineapples as they just harvested the fruits a week ago, but it didn't stop us from enjoying the greens and the view of the long and winding road.


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