Sunday, May 16, 2010

The power to unite! Baller Bands

Over the years, baller bands have been the instrument in uniting a cause.  Not only has this become a craze but it has also become a fashion statement which sets a subtle message.  Sometimes, wearing one can either make you or break you!

Back in 2004, the craze of the baller ids was started by Tour de France Champion Lance Armstrong when Nike partnered with him in selling the famous Nike yellow  LIVESTRONG baller band. It aimed to raise awareness regarding Cancer.  The thrust was to inspire, given that Armstrong himself was a cancer survivor, yet won multiple Tour de France championships .  The huge success of this USD10 bracelet led to Worldwide stock-out when it was initially launched.  Of course, fake ones emerged too. Posers wore the fake ones.

By early 2005, symbands became popular with many charities, such as Make Poverty History and the BBC’s Beat Bullying campaign.

Over the campaign season here in the Philippines, presidentiables also had their own versions.  Do you think it helped them win?  Maybe.  See Noynoy's version. This will definitely become a collector's item now that he is about to rulw the country.

A story behind GIBO's baller band from Daphne Osena's blog was found deeply touching. A child traded this cute handmade GIBO bracelet for the GIBO baller band.  It just showed pure unity among their supporters.

Recently, i also found this baller band which aims to raise Breast Cancer awareness in the US.  These i <3 boobies bracelet raised a lot of money in helping out the breast cancer orgs.  However, this band was recently banned in certain US schools.  Teenagers have abused the use....are we surprised?
I was thinking....if  Jean & Rosz makes a baller band for a cause to send our less-fortunate Filipino children to school, do you think we can raise enough to groom the next potential APL d AP or maybe, ISKO MORENO?



  1. I like the boobies baller :) Please..

  2. Where can i buy the i ♥ boobies baller here somewhere in manila?, thanks in advance :D

  3. Hi unfortunately the i love boobies baller bands were already banned in the US :), we don't have it here in manila :(

  4. It's banned? Why? I was hoping i could buy myself for christmas :(

  5. The macbeth clothing company website sell them
    theyre about £3