Wednesday, May 26, 2010

One Day Beach Escape

I got a call from my friend B, inviting me and 3 other friends for just 1 day in a beach in Laiya, Batangas.  Since we all have been to La Luz, we opted to go to Palm Beach Resort.  However, the road going up Palm Beach was too dangerous for us to bear (sedan won't make it there) so we decided to take our beach escape to this paradise!  

Why do i call it paradise?  Well, besides that it is just 3 hrs away from Manila, we went there on a tuesday so the entire beach was left practically for us to enjoy.  For Php850 day trip rate and a cottage costing Php1,300, we got welcome drinks, set meal, a cottage with mattress and these lounge chairs perfect for us to enjoy the El Nino summer breeze, wide stretch of sandbar and calm waters.  Not to mention free wifi!

Though slightly expensive for a day trip, since other resorts offer buffet lunch and snacks, we didn't complain.  Of course we were also fully beach accessorized.

musts:  chips and drinks, ihome for our ipod, ipod, laptop, guitar, camera (digicam, slr, waterproof case, old school cam), swim wear, sun block, cigarettes, towels and even aqua socks!

clear skies!

this trip is definitely one for the books. We got back to Manila at around 9pm despite having to swim for an hour and taking a 1-hour nap by the lounge chairs.  

Visit Virgin Beach Resort and escape the way you want.

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