Thursday, May 6, 2010

News: Jean- Louis Dumas of Hermes

Who's behind the Hermes Success?

Though Hermes has been a longstanding brand since the 1800s, Hermes suffered major challenges in the 1970's among its leather brand competitors.  

Jean-Louis Dumas, a great-great grandson of Thierry Hermes, who founded the company in 1837, ran Hermes from 1978 to 2006. Being the newly appointed chairman then, he hired new designers to create collections that are more relevant to high fashion women, which then led to success in the 90's allowing Hermes to gain the highest growth in this era.  As proof, it is in his reign that Hermes went public with its stocks, allowing it to expand its business further.  He was the man who turned Jane Birkin into a huge bag success.  Making Hermes Birkin, one of the most iconic bag till present day.

Sadly, Dumas passed away yesterday at 72 years old.  What a great loss to fashion.  French President Nicolas Sarkozy led the homage to Dumas, saying his death was "a great loss for France."

Surely, Jean-Louis Dumas is a legend.   And his son Pierre-Alexis  will continue his legacy, as he is still part of the Hermes creative team.

Just a thought, does Lady Gaga care about this,  see her graffiti birkin (as seen from perez hilton)


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