Sunday, April 18, 2010

Vogue Espanya September 1988

As promised, here are the pages of the 21 year old Vogue Magazine which i scored from Cubao Expo!

Padded Shoulders!

Gold and Sequins!

Calvin Klein Style

Pearls and Loose Clothing!

More metallics and pads!

Our take on accessories to achieve the late 80's look:

Jean & Rosz:  Brown Sunwear Php 280.00, Red&Gold Studs Php 180.00

Jean & Rosz:  Metallic twisted necklace Php 400.00

Jean & Rosz:  Pearl bangle Set Php 550.00, Black Sunwear Php 280.00, Sunburst Necklace Php 480.00, Red&Gold Studs Php 180.00

Jean & Rosz:  Leopard Pendant Php280.00.  Leather Sided Sunwear Php380.00, Stretch Rhinestone Bracelets Php400.00 per pair, Animal Head Bangle Php 450.00.

Jean & Rosz:  Square Stone Necklace Php 450.00

Jean & Rosz:  Snake Belt/Necklace Php550.00, Animal Head Bangle Php450.00, Leopard Pendant Php280.00, Cheetah Pendant Php280.00, Panther Ring- to be released on May.

Jean & Rosz:  black sunwear Php280.00, White Sunwear Php 280.00,  Pearl Necklace with gold rose Php350.00

Jean & Rosz:  Multipray Rosary Php850.00, Vintage Locket Php480.00, Onyx Stone Bib-like Necklace Php500.00

Love this September Issue!  Seems like 80's fashion hasn't at all left us :)


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