Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Tantaranan: Tarina Tarantino goes Beauty!

Tarina Tarantino Jewelry is one of my favorite accessory lines from the US.  I got familiarized with this brand when I was able to attend the Mercedes Fashion Week in 2007.  Tarantino represents the quirky but classy rockstar women of this modern age. 

 Tarina Tarantino in her own creation

She started her business making funky and colorful hair jewelry in 1995.  The success of the line extended to the more popular handcrafted jewelries from California.

Tarina Tarantino in her skull necklace
I have this exact necklace and i absolutely love it!

Her catchy collections include classic girly characters starting off with Hello Kitty, Barbie and Alice from the wonderland.  Cute indeed!

Momsen's Barbie pendant

Klum's Pick

Pink's Stash

Pretty Katy

I also loved her take on the new Cameo Pieces:

Miley's Cameo Ring

She also developed trend associated lines from skulls to her latest collection, Aunt Voila- featuring insects!
No wonder these one of a kind pieces are now well-loved by celebrities. 

Average pricing of Tarantino pieces are roughly around USD  80.00  to USD 300.00

Just last January 2010, Tarina Tarantino launched a make-up line now available in Sephora USA!  I haven't gotten a hold of any of the products but i would like to personally try The Pearl Primer!
 Pearl Glow Primer, USD$ 32.00, Sephora

super cute vintage bottle
Sparklicity Shimmer Dust, USD$39.00, Sephora

I am also excited to try out the cream shadows and other basics. Knowing her, I'm sure these colors are hard-finds too.

More from Sephora

I have been a fan of Tarina and so, i am hoping that my sister would send me some of these beauty goodies, just like when she sent me some of TT's accessories before!


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