Thursday, April 22, 2010

Shopcrazy's Picks

Over the years there have been a lot of trend spotting internet sites in the Philippines that have provided fashion trends, celebrity news and other female related features but a few stood out more than the others maintaining highly loyal readers intently awaiting what's next...

SHOPCRAZY is probably one of the most trusted site expanding to the female network group here in the country.

From Shopcrazy:  

"ShopCrazy is the Philippines’ first shopping weblog and a sister site of
With the help of our friends in fashion, lifestyle, PR, and media, we bring you inside info on the latest fashion and beauty products, gadgets, home accessories, stores, restaurants, and other hot, hot deals in town"

In this light Jean & Rosz have been lucky the past few days to have its items featured 2 months in a row. 

So guys don't be left behind and visit SHOPCRAZY.  And stand out by wearing Jean & Rosz accessories.

Feature 1:  snake necklace:  see full feature HERE.

Feature 2:  this just in-  our Lapiz Lazuli necklace named by Shopcrazy Stylist, Leona Panutat. see full feature HERE.

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