Wednesday, April 28, 2010

My topsider picks

Sperry topsiders was a big hit back in the 80's-90's! I've had one in grade school and i used it for soooo long. But did you know that Sperry has been developing BOAT shoes for over 75 years?  

See this vintage 80's brown classic:

 See the new version now for ladies:

Doesn't have much difference right?

I know i know it reveals my age but when i saw this cute patent one in Hong Kong a last year, I instantly bought it. 

I wear it almost everyday!  The comfort is just amazing!  Sperry topsiders are BOAT shoes therefore these shoes are water resistant.  So it is just perfect not only for yachting, but for long walks especially in travels.  I am so amazed with this pair, I am thinking of getting another one!  

I can't take my eyes off this gold, metallic finish:

This croc finish one is a great find too

I would love to have the yellow and orange patent ones, but i already have the sky blue patent.  How can you resist this raspberry and choco brown combination:

This classic navy blue with metallic lace brings character with it too:

If you notice, i chose the thin soled ones, there are also the ones with thicker soles but these boat collection ones are definitely my kind of style.

I disagree that only Dads wear topsiders by the way. And i don't care if i look so outdated.  It is my goal this year to live in the 80's anyway.


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