Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Ichido Cafe

Continuing with my Shanghai series, i want to share a cafe that i fell in love with. For those of you who don't know aside from fashion my other love is food! So while walking around super brand mall, Ichido cafe caught my attention because of it's lovely interiors. It is bright, modern and inviting with their silver, white and red color palette. I immediately want to try it even if i'm still full from lunch. 
you could watch how they decorate their cakes

display case and counter area

We were ushered inside where they have booth seating areas that i absolutely loved. It looked so inviting and it even has a view outside perfect for relaxing after hours of walking around. sorry no full picture of the booths because picture taking was prohibited so i was tryng to be discreet. 

our booth

other seating area
i'm not sure if they are authentic custom-made ghost chairs but i love them!

What we ordered:
chocolate and strawberry mousse w/ napoleons

cafe latte
soft and creamy. yummy!
shot taken from our booth

I liked everything we tried except for the mousse which is just so-so for me. Nonetheless, i loved the whole Ichido cafe experience. 


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