Thursday, April 29, 2010

Butuan's Pinakaholic Fashion Shoppe

Most girls love the PINK color!  Somehow this color gives a dash of femininity and a pinch of cuteness to almost everything.  I am personally addicted to the color pink!  because anything PINK=Girly.  

This may be the reason why BUTUAN City's Prime Retail Store is called the PINKAHOLIC FASHION SHOPPE

PINKaholic Fashion Shoppe has been in the business since 2005.  It has fastly become the source for the most current fashions for the stylish and fashionable ladies of Butuan. Giving PINKaholic clients new collections month after month.

Who says you still have to go to the metropolis to get the latest trends?  PINKaholic Fashion Shoppe brings not only Manila-based independent designers and brands,  but also HIGH fashion clothing from all over the world, such as high end designer bags, shoes and dresses.  You don't to travel to Paris to get your Balenciaga Bag and Chanel!

As a new addition to their carried brands, Jean & Rosz accessories is now available in Pinkaholic Fashion Shoppe!  

Grab the latest trend now, visit Pinkaholic Fashion Shoppe.


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