Saturday, April 24, 2010

Boho @ 8th Avenue

Last Friday, a friend and I went to the BoHo Bazaar in the Fort just to see what's there:

As we arrived we were welcomed with a band, artworks, poetry and fire/zip dancers.

 On the spot painting for Artbeats

If you notice, the on-the-spot painting is inspired by the books of Neil Gaiman
Coraline :)
The finish product- Endless

Here are some of our cute accessory finds:

amps and guitar necklace
various clay charms.
The cookie is actually a secret locket, which i thought was so cool for Php280.00 only
mushroom, slippers and doughnuts as cellphone charms.

Get these clay accessories from KLoi's n KLay's +639159683964

see these ring/bracelets.  some of these are from Peru costing Php600-Php800 pesos from

really cool World Vision baller bands, send kids to school now!

45 Record Bags, Handsewn, Php 500

Here's how the bazaar set-up looked like:

Abd there's food too. the b-b-q is not too expensive at Php30 each.  Beat the heat with froyo and french macarons.

Tonight April 24, 2010 is their last night. Fort Area, near the tent.  Will close at 2am.

Something different, nice!



  1. Hi Krisha :)

    Check out this site with other artwork submitted for the Neil Gaiman competition for Fully Booked