Friday, April 23, 2010

Barbie Land

During my vacation a few weeks ago i chanced upon the barbie store in Shanghai and it was huge! It is the first Barbie worldwide flagship store. Imagine 6 floors of everything barbie from dolls, clothes, shoes, accessories, make-up, jewelry, fashion runway and even a cafe and a spa. Everything was such an eye candy that i didn't even realize how long i have been looking around. I would love to go back and try the cafe on my next visit. And of course i would love to look at the dolls again. Makes me want to be a barbie doll collector! 
Here's a few that caught my eye: 

Christian Dior Barbie
so elegant! love the pearls

    MAC Barbie
love the whole outfit fr. the jacket to the over-the-knee-boots. so hip!

Tara Tarantino Barbie
this sure is a good copy of her

love the accessories!

Oscar Night Barbie

i can't imagine how hard it is to make those small accessories, she even has a cuff on! love her make up too.

Anna Sui Boho Barbie

cameo choker

Valentino Barbie
love the corset. so sexy!

Bob Mackie Barbie
As they say when a woman chooses a “Mackie,” she dares to be noticed! Barbie sure got noticed w/ her extravagant outfit

Kate Spade Barbie
i really liked this 'coz she really looks kate spade-ish

Juicy Couture Barbie
w/ matching cute dog


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