Monday, April 26, 2010

Bangle Significance

Lately, it it very rare for Hollywood celebrities to be spotted with bare wrists.  Yes, bangles are back! Generally large pieces, if not, you stack them up to make them look large.  Better yet not so matchy-matchy.

Bangles were originated in Asian countries, ideally no opening or closure, just a continuous piece believed to promote longevity and continuous prosperous life.  China and India have included bangles in their staple looks.

So in wearing bangles you're not just fab but you also get to have some luck on your hands.

Get this Oriental-Western inspired Bamboo like metal bangles:
Jean & Rosz:  Melon and Honey Dew 4 piece set Php 400.00

 Jean & Rosz:  Baby Blue and White 4 pice set Php 400.00

Jean & Rosz:  Hot Pink 3 piece Set Php 200.00

Jean & Rosz:   Electric Blue 3 piece set Php 200.00

Great to pair these with either jeans, colorful tops and summer dresses.

If you wanna go glam, get these multiple pearl sets:
Jean & Rosz:  all for these pearls, gold and white set Php550.00

Jean & Rosz:  all for these, black pearls and gold set Php550.00

See celebs in bangles:

Sarah Jessica Parker  and Amanda Seyfreid



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