Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Tip: A Hot Summer Night

Gia Lalu, an up and coming make-up artist from Project Nebula shares with us some tips on achieving a HOT SUMMER NIGHT LOOK.  

Pair your gorgeous Jean and Rosz Accessories with this playful make-up look.
Wear it on your hot summer nights on the beach, in a party with your friends, or when you’re feeling bold and experimental with your look.

-During the day, you can go with a light coverage foundation; in the evening go for full coverage.
-Contour: Choose a bronzer that’s 2 shades darker than your skin color and apply this on the sides of the face going towards the center of the face in circular and buffing motions to diffuse the color and mimic natural shadow.
-On the cheeks, flush your apples with a peachy orange shade.

-Start with an eye shadow primer or base to keep the colors in place and stay on longer.
-Next, apply an Aqua colored shadow starting at the inner corner of the eye, filling half of the lid and up towards the crease. Diffuse this color with a blending brush.
-Apply a vibrant green shadow and pat this on the center of the lid going towards the outer corner – blend this color with the lime green with the use of blending brush.
-On the crease; create the shape that you want, (I went for a cat eye shape) trace this on the crease with a black eye shadow using a fine eye shadow brush and fade out with a blending brush.
-Apply a pale yellow shadow on the brow bones for highlight a bright lime green on the inner corners to brighten up the eyes.
-On the lower lash line, apply the same aqua and green shadow you applied on the top lid for a drop shadow effect and buff out with a blending brush.
-Instead of using black eyeliner on the water line, Use blue to keep the colors bright and consistent.
-Curl your lashes and then apply at least 2 coats of mascara to open up the eyes. You can also try wearing false eyelashes for drama.

-Let your eyes take all the attention. Go for a nude or pale lip color. I chose to go matte on this look, but you can also take a clear gloss and slick on for some shine.

For styling and photoshoot requirements, contact Gia and the Project Nebula Team. Visit http://projectnebula.multiply.com

Get your stylista necklace for the hot summer nights from Jean & Rosz
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  1. I love this necklace. :) I've been looking for a nice bib necklace but I haven't found one that suits my style yet.

  2. i really think this one would be good for cocktail dresses. more power!

  3. thanks for the makeup tips... I love the stylish necklace!

  4. very intresting.. i love the necklace

  5. i love the necklace. very beautiful

  6. adorable necklace,really good for summer.
    great tips. more power

  7. Nice eyeshadow! Love the green eyes. And you posted the steps as well, ooh, thanks! Nice post.

  8. thanks guys. Gia, the model is the makeup artist herself.

    the fab necklace is also lightwieght, so it is perfect for the summer heat!

  9. the makeup and the necklace pairs well...

    what color of the dress would go with this pair?