Thursday, March 4, 2010

Panthere in Springtime?

Once a year, somehow animal prints come out as a trend usually in the fall season.  As Jean & Rosz launches its Wildlife collection this spring/summer, it somehow makes one question, animals on springtime? hmmm...

Back in the 90's when the most popular animal line of jewelry was launched, it surprisingly brought raves among the social circles.  Panthere de Cartier.  The splendid jewelry line which featured the iconic panther head was said to be inspired by the "motif meant to denote dark, poignant, irresistible seduction and is destined for a woman with a strong character and self-sense." (

In this light, the success of the line has stand the test of time, expanding its line from watches, rings and of course the irresistible bangles.  These "it" pieces have successfully become modern day classics.   

panthere de cartier rings (USD 20,000-100,000)

 cartier panther bangles (USD 20,000- 220,000)

In fact in Feb 2008, when Cartier launched its Love Charity Bracelet, one of the most talked about piece is the panther bangle as this was seen in a lot of the celebrity guests.

 panther head bangle

Rosario Dawson came to the Love event wearing a Cartier diamond Panthere head ring ($87,700), Cartier diamond, mother of pearl and onyx garland drop earrings ($24,200) and a Cartier diamond Panthere bracelet ($218,000).

So Panthere in springtime?  What the heck!  It is a piece for keeps.
Check out Jean & Rosz's take on having these elegant pieces turn into trendy-everyday accessory that won't hurt your pockets.  only at Php 450.00 each!  Limited Edition, few pieces only :)
Jean & Rosz: spotted animal bangle Php 450.00
 Jean & Rosz:  double head bangle Php450.00


  1. this bangle is definitely an eye catcher!! so pretty!

  2. aha, you featured cat bangles din pala. I like the cartier ones (priceeeey!) Sana you have similar ones in your future collections.