Saturday, March 6, 2010

How Alice evolved in the Present Wonderland

Most of us born from the 80's know Alice in Wonderland from story books.  We all remember her as the perky pretty ribboned girl in blue and white dress who has endless adventures in the rabbit hole. 

When we hear the word Alice in Wonderland, we definitely remember her as this:

Alice, the character was actually from a novel written by English author Lewis Caroll in 1865.  The fantasy tale was inspired by people, situations and locations within Oxford University and Christ Church in Great Britain.  Before the cartoon form in storybooks to the latest Alice that we saw in the 2010 film, she has definitely evolved over the hundred years.
From Project Gutenberg's Alice's Adventures Under Ground, by Lewis Carroll (Wikipedia)

Artwork by Edward Hughes, 1923 from Wind River Studios

Arthur Rackham Artwork
Classic Alice in Blue
from the story book to a human form character
2010 Alice in Wonderland Film

Contemporary Alice inside the rabbit's hole
Alice in Wonderland Movie, 2010

This contemporary look with hints of black intrigued and brought interest to most fashion hags making it a trending topic in various blogs. 

With this, Project Nebula, a photo/styling duo made a contemporary Alice in Wonderland photoshoot, using Jean & Rosz Accessories.

Project Nebula: Photos by Roxanne Nebres, MU and Styling by Gia Lalu
Model:  Ayen
Twisted Pearl Necklace by Jean & Rosz
Dress by Winnie Chan


  1. Was this taken at la mesa eco-park? Hope you post the close up of the accessories used. Nice photos.

  2. thanks kitten. Yup this was in eco park. yup will post pics

  3. I knew it! Never been there but most shoots I've seen with nature backdrop go there. Looking forward to seeing the pics. :)