Tuesday, March 30, 2010

EyeMax, a CONCERT accessory

I love watching concerts and last Saturday, I was very fortunate enough to watch Justin Timberlake, one of my must-watch artists.  And since JT was just a guest for Timabaland's Shock Value II tour, i only bought the Silver ticket together with some friends since 1.  I don't really know much of the lyrics from his songs.  2.  He is just a guest of Timbaland to which i also can't sing the songs.  3.  I thought maybe he would not perform his best as compared to a full JT concert, which i still plan to watch in the future. Hahaha.

When you say silver ticket, ideally this should be the second best spot in terms of concert view, but in this case, the silver ticket is actually the fourth viewing priority since there's VIP and Gold.  Not to mention the VVIP which is the most frontal section in terms of priority, and VVIP tickets are not overtly sold publicly.  So if you like pay Php 4,650K to be VIP, the highest ticket highly published, thinking that you're gonna be in the best spot, in the most comfortable section, too bad for you cause, you can only get closest to the performer if you have connections who could bring you VVIP or Moshpit. In this case my silver ticket worth Php 1,500K is second from the last priority spots.

 wahaha, you can't figure out where they are from the silver section.

Good thing we found this concert accessory gadget!  The Eyemax, disposable binoculars.  I know that binoculars are very common in concerts but I was just so happy that we were able to find this inside the concert grounds given our distance from the stage.

Zooms 4x the regular vision.  

Binoculars cost thousands, but EyeMax is only Php 50.00!!!!!!!

Handy.  it looks like a card, a little bigger than a credit card when collapsed.

Is expandable when in use.

Though disposable can be re-used for future concerts or travels.

Disposable Binoculars have been available for quite sometime now, but i am recommending this as must-have concert accessory by virtues of PRICE AND CONVENIENCE!

It totally helped my vision to see JT with his moves.  Totally worth my Php50.00

By the way, in going to concerts, i always thought the most important consideration for the outfit is comfort.  But i never realized that concert venues have become social hubs where fashion has become a concern.  A lot of people i've seen have made an effort for JT.  So more than just comfort, outfits for these events should be COMFORT-CHIC. "Concert Comfort Chic Outfits" allow you not only to enjoy the show comfortably but these get-ups would also be safe for a quick after concert dinner and drinks.

Here are some very simple examples of COMFORT-CHIC fashion for concerts.

 comfy shorts and tank top with neon sandals
bejeweled top and sanuks
see how the "fan" complemented the colors!

simple black top accessorized. Jean & Rosz double starbust

mid-length dress accessorized with funky belt.

white tee accessorized with multistand necklace combined with camera charm necklace, Jean & Rosz

comfy shoes!
black ballet flats
white soft leather loafers
soft blue patent brogues.- that's me!

My thoughts on JT and why I watched him?  To me, he has established himself as an ICON.  He's a really talented guy who's very down to earth.  More than being a member of N'Sync and his POP music, i loved him more after watching this:

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