Friday, March 26, 2010

Blair & Betty Spring 2010

Last Night I was talking to Jean and was complaining about not having new tv shows to watch which highly involved fashion like Sex and the City and Lipstick Jungle.  Somehow we're just left with Gossip Girl and Ugly Betty. Privileged which had potential, ended too soon. Even the new 90210 and Melrose Place don't satisfy my visual fashion cravings.  We've speculated that maybe it's because of the recession and how the American fashion industry is affected thus, not being able to develop and hype up as much pieces as before.  Or maybe the fashion world was just too busy with the recently concluded fashion week.  Oh well, personally i don't really know the reason behind but i am so looking forward to more lifestyle fashion tv.

As for Gossip Girl, with Blair's character deteriorating from being the queen to the attention-needy freshman, her costume changes for this season have also declined in number.  From 5 looks to like 2?  

Nevertheless, here's something from GG which caught my attention from this week's episode

Spotted:  Blair's embellished necklace.  

and  lily's leather and round sun choker and cocktail ring.

Ugly Betty's Betty on the other hand has been improving in terms of fashion which actually sent Wilhemina fainting from this past week's episode.  I've recently observed the well-thought of, per episode fashion theme.  This week's color palate is electric blue.  

 Betty's long-sleeved electric blue office dress

Wilhelmina's blue kaftan tunic in her hospital bed

Wilhemina's red and electric blue dress,  see the gigantic ring!

Hilda's blue cocktail engagement dress

Amanda's Blue Pumps

Statement Necklaces and Electric Blue!  We are on the right track.  Right now, i am off to watch Sex and The City Season 4.  I miss Carrie Bradshaw's closet :)


If you like Blair's necklace, you may want to check out Jean & Rosz versions.

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