Saturday, March 13, 2010

the accessories of sea of shoes
 is one of the most successful style blogs worldwide.  With over millions of loyal readers, the power of the very young barely 20 years old writer has coveted the fashion industry. Even, hollywood celebrities are impressed with her style.

Jane Aldridge started blogging in 2007 which focused on shoes, her prime love.  It is inevitable that shoes go with general fashion and so as she documented a photoblog of her day to day fashion, her site reached more than 20,000 hits per day.  Her impeccable taste and style is always a surprise for her readers as she could be in an upscale classy Victorian dress, or down right eclectic daring, making her an underground fashion icon of the many.  This landed her a spot in Vogue, late 2009 together with her mom, Judy Aldridge who is also an online enthusiast.  

Her mom is highly influential for her love for vintage and japanese inspired fashion, as they would travel to Japan often.  Jane hasn't stepped college yet but her success from the fashion blogging has definitely earned her so much.  Recently, Jane and her mom teamed up with Aimee Cho to make trench coats currently selling in shopbop for $875 USD.  She has also co-worked with Urban Outfitters for a clothing line partnership.
A book deal is also on its way.  This girl has definitely become a fashion bee.  Living in Texas, wasn't an impediment and  as she takes her stride, we cannot wait for what's next on her fashion journey.
To finally hear the voice behind the blog, you may wanna view this stylecaster interview :
  In her recent posts, she has been spotted with accessories that are considered her favorites:
 leopard printed cover-up,  cameo pendants,  anhk vintage necklace 
Jane's anhk vintage necklace , up close
Nettie Rosenstein cameo upclose
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  1. Wow, I checked her site, and she's a veeery pretty girl. With lots of clothes and stuff and shoes to boot. Love the ankh necklace. Thanks for posting about her. Enjoyed reading this one. :)

  2. ya, she's really doing a great job with her talent. We hope to feature more stylists soon :)

  3. I love her anhk vintage necklace. This would be one of the sophisticated possessions that I wanted to have. I love to wear plain tops wherever. From work, to malls, to concerts, but with the help of great looking necklace that would compliment your top, your look will be from plain.... to dashing!!♥

  4. I love your statement necklace, it will surely an eye-catching to any tops, i like the design, not too complicated, a simple but too classy :)