Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Turn Over a new LEAF

When Jennifer Anniston wore the Jennifer Mayer leaf necklace from the movie “The Break Up”, accessory hags went gaga over it. In fact the necklace from Larkin’s leaf collection was named the “break-up necklace” or the “break-up pendant”.

Jennifer Mayer Leaf Necklace worn by Jennifer Anniston

Jennifer’s necklace was obviously very controversial for the coincidences that came with it. Jen’s movie after her break-up with John Mayer was “the break-up”. She was seen wearing the necklace in that movie, Jennifer Mayer which could’ve been her name if she married John Mayer. Jennifer Mayer, as a jewelry designer made leaf her trademark in the accessory world.

Jen and John Mayer before the break up

Some people may view this simply as a trend last year. But celebrity fashion trend spotters concluded that “leaves” actually represent “new life”.
With this, leaf has become an icon on its own in the accessory world. You may also want to view Nuugard Design Jewelry’s take on this.

Nuugard Leaf pendant, USD 98.00
real leaves dipped in gold metal earrings from Nuugard

So as the year nearly comes to an end, make the leaf accessory, a symbol on how you’d want to turn over a new leaf!
If you like the collections from Jennifer Mayer, Larkin and Nuugard Design Jewelry, Check out Jean & Rosz version.

Jean & Rosz big leaf Php 380.00 in silver and gunmetal

Jean & Rosz mini leaves, 2-layer Php 180.00. What a steal!

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  1. Love. When I saw that necklace on Jennifer Aniston in The Break Up, I wanted one for myself too! But I never found anything similar that I liked...til now. Your big leaf necklace is what made me enter canDIshhh's giveaway. When I saw the last picture in her giveaway post I had to enter- it's so pretty!