Thursday, November 19, 2009

Polyvore and Looklet Craze

We cannot deny that being a woman brings out the natural STYLIST in us. Thanks to polyvore and looklet websites for giving us an outlet to express our fashion creativity to the extremes!!! I am sure that most of us have tried doing the mixing and matching of pieces by now.

Nevertheless, polyvore's trendspotter featured rosary necklaces this season. Time to go back to the 80's when Madonna made such a huge craze about it.
Check out polyvore's trednspotter pictures and check out Jean & Rosz Rosary Necklace Collection. Starts at Php 350.00 only, with various designs to choose from. See "Two-Way Pray" and "Multi-Pray":

Jean and Rosz: Two Way Pray Php 480

Jean and Rosz: Multi Pray Php 850

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