Thursday, November 26, 2009

Cameo Classic

Whether you’ve seen it from Grandma, the period films or in present day Europe, a cameo seems so familiar, it is a classic.
Cameo pieces are handcrafted carvings traditionally done on shells originally from Greece and Rome. Today, Italy is the biggest worldwide supplier of the cameo jewelry usually in “Relief” carving, meaning the image carved is only a profile, or just one side as opposed to sculptures where the carvings can be seen on multi-dimensional perspectives.
The images on these cameos are women or scenes from the 1800s usually of great achievements. In the Victorian era, a cameo was considered as a prized souvenir of every woman according to her likeness. These were the roots of the cameo vintage.
Various collectors have been trained to see the authenticity of these pieces. Some vintage ones cost more than diamonds.
The most usual antique cameos that can be found in the market date back from the 1920’s-1980’s. Here are some of the current market antique cameos:

antique from Preston Reuther Gallery USD 400.00

electro cameo lucite USD 28.00

Most of us like things "new" but in the Cameo's case, the value just increases through time. What makes the piece special is the story that goes with it. How it was able to stand the time. More so, it has been a womanhood tradition to have her own passed on to the future daughters and granddaughters in the family as part of heirloom.

Get one now from Jean and Rosz. It is never too late to start.

Jean & Rosz: Carmi- Cameo Capiz Shell Pendant Php 480.00

Jean & Rosz: Camille- Cameo Necklace and Pendant Php 350.00

Jean & Rosz: Camille- Cameo Necklace and Pendant Php 350.00

Friday, November 20, 2009

Jacko and Balmain

Watching “This Is It” the movie just validated why Michael Jackson is the KING of POP. Not only was he very particular in details such as being hands on in terms of auditioning dancers, the precise timing of melody, the desired feel of a song and of course, the grandness of his entrances.

Though we see him covering himself in most paparazzi shots, the movie just showed how much he gave importance to every stage momentum. He was obsessed in making a defining moment a grand experience all the time.
No wonder he never followed a trend. He was a trend of his own. From his music to what he wore, he worked his way into being the center of attention. You never knew what to expect next. From white socks, fedoras, sequins, gloves, embellishments, medals and to his very very bold jackets.
Jackson Jacket. He was always spotted with Balmain Jackets, considered as high fashion investment pieces (Average price ranging from USD 3,000-8,000). Converting motorcycle and military jackets to peaked-shoulder tuxedos as trademark. Balmain is originally from France.

The Jacket that opened the Balmain Spring 2009 show caused a fashion buzz when it was seen worn by Beyonce priced at USD 11,000.
Jacket worn by Beyonce. Sold at USD 11,000.00 from Net a Porter

To somehow achieve the look of the Jacko-Balmain look, you may want to check out the Jackson Brooch from Jean & Rosz, which can be attached to regular jackets and tops to achieve the military, semi-embellished look.

Jean and Rosz: Jackson Military Brooch. Single-Php 300.00. Pair- Php 560.00

Jean and Rosz: Jackson Military Brooch. Single-Php 300.00. Pair- Php 560.00

Jean and Rosz: Jackson Military Brooch. Single-Php 300.00. Pair- Php 560.00

Jean and Rosz: Jackson Military Brooch. Single-Php 300.00. Pair- Php 560.00

This is it, our tribute to the King of POP. Limited Edition.

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Not So PUNK, More Like FUNK

As popularized by the musical punk rock groups back in the 80's, the classic black leather with silver studs has slowly become a modern day piece. The leather bracelet trend has evolved over the years.. from handcrafted italian leather made of deer, calf and lamb... to the more chic, savvy and hip styles of L.A and New York accessory designers.
Vita Fede, is probably one of the coolest makers of custom leather bracelets for elite celebrities, bringing leather accessory to the higher class levels. Making leather fit for cocktail and important dinners. Vita's suppliers are same as the ones used by Fendi etc.

If you have seen Linea Pelle's take on the skinny leather bracelets, you'll see that leather bracelets are not just for hardcore rockers. It makes a simple casual outfit look absolutely stylish with its play on colors. Linea Pelle has evolved from leather bag production to making small leather pieces such as the camo wrap bracelets.

Linea Pelle USD 45.00 per 2 pcs

More recently, the colored plastic resin studs onleather has captured more funky teens as seen on shopstyle and teen vogue magazine.

Check out Jean and Rosz "Leather, Leather" Collection to see some of the these leather trends .
Jean and Rosz: Gabriel in black, white and red leather with gold studs. Php 480.00

Jean and Rosz: Gabriel in black, white and red leather with gold studs. Php 480.00

Jean and Rosz: Pamela Rock, colored resin leather wrap with snap closure. Php 180.00

Jean and Rosz: Gabriel Classic, round/ square studs on black/brown leather Php 150.00
Jean and Rosz: Snakeskin leather cuff in olive green Php 260.00

Jean and Rosz: Thick leather Glam Rock Strap with Square Bling Php 220.00

See other leather designs, depending on your style. Leather is not just punk, it's funk.

Ettika Accessories and Leather

"Give them, Wear them, Love them, Stack, them." This is how Ettika Accessories spread the love.

Ettika Accessories are designed by Ettie and Joey Rafaelli from Los Angeles California. Their handcrafted pieces represent free-spirited women and users are believed to spread good energy around them.
Ettika braided leather wrap USD 110

The popularized braided leather are combined with charms and rhinestones to give a new take on making unique pieces that are personal to every woman. No wonder these pieces have been consistently featured in worldwide magazines such as InStyle, Cosmopolitan, Marie Claire and more.

Ettika Deerskin Chain Wrap USD 73.00

Celebrities such as Gwen Stefani, Niki Hilton and more were already spotted wearing Ettika pieces. Prices of these products start at USD 35.00 and could go as high as USD 150.00.

Check out Jean & Rosz braided leather collection to achieve the Ettika look. Starts at Php 80.00 (plain hamsa wrap). See other styles from the "Leather, Leather" Collection.

Jean & Rosz: Mandy Two Way (Choker & Bracelet Wrap) Php 380.oo

Jean & Rosz: Mandy Two Way (Choker & Bracelet Wrap) Php 380.oo

Jean & Rosz: Shanice leather necklace with charms on gold setting Php 800.00

Shanice leather necklace with charms on gold setting Php 800.00

Jean & Rosz: Jackson Star Nylon Cord Bracelet (also available in red) Php 480.00

Polyvore and Looklet Craze

We cannot deny that being a woman brings out the natural STYLIST in us. Thanks to polyvore and looklet websites for giving us an outlet to express our fashion creativity to the extremes!!! I am sure that most of us have tried doing the mixing and matching of pieces by now.

Nevertheless, polyvore's trendspotter featured rosary necklaces this season. Time to go back to the 80's when Madonna made such a huge craze about it.
Check out polyvore's trednspotter pictures and check out Jean & Rosz Rosary Necklace Collection. Starts at Php 350.00 only, with various designs to choose from. See "Two-Way Pray" and "Multi-Pray":

Jean and Rosz: Two Way Pray Php 480

Jean and Rosz: Multi Pray Php 850

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Our Spot in the Accessory World

The time has come for us to spread the word.

We are Jean & Rosz, we've been friends for over 15 years now and has finally decided to take fashion seriously.... as in getting in a serious fashion related biz.

Travel has played a significant role in strengthening our friendship. It is in these travels that we find knick knacks of pieces that are fashion forward worthy.

Over the past years, our main clients for our accessory pieces have only been some of our friends. It was only this year that we have decided to professionalize our business model, moving into serving a bigger market, reaching more fashion aware women, offering VALUE-PRICED pieces that will not hurt your pockets!

As we embark on this fashion journey... we would like to share our love for ACCESSORIES by giving you trend updates, tips and mix and match experiments that will perfectly suit your style and personality.

We hope that you find our SPOT valuable in your daily fashion needs.

Enjoy reading!!!!!!!!!!!!